Stretch Hummer Limo Hire Sydney

Best experience. Our Wedding Hummer Limo are designed to meet your exact needs.

Sydney’s number 1 Stretch hummer Hire Limousine Wedding Limo Sydney When you choose to Hire a Stretch Black Pink Purple or white. Limo from Sydney Hummer Hire you get the service you require for your special day. We offer you the finest Stretch Hummers to choose from to ensure you Stretch Hummer Limo Hire Sydney Black, Pink, Purple or white Hummer Limos

Black Stretch hummer Hire hire

black hummer limo
Black Hummer Limo

Our luxury Hummer Limos And feature plush interiors come with a top-of the range sound system and on board bar to make your night out or special Occasion a memorable one. Wedding Stretch Hummer limousine Hire

Pink H2 Super Stretch Hummer hire in NSW.

Pink Stretch Hummer Hire H2 Limo

Our super Stretch Pink Hummer has 16 Seats one of the largest capacity Luxury vehicles in the area. and offers amazing experiences not available with most Limos. Travel in class with 16 comfortable Seats, a fully equipped bar, surround sound system and LCD TV screen.

Wedding limousine Hire

Pink Hummer H2 Limo
Pink Stretch Hummer Hire Sydney
purple hummer limo

Purple Stretch Hummer Hire Limo

Get the real party experience in a Hummer Limousine, the largest Limousine of its type in Sydney, which is perfect for weddings, parties and any Occasion you wish to make special. Limousine

Hummer Hire

Sydney’s number 1 Stretch Hummer Hire Limousine Hire.

From individual Limo Hire to large groups, Stretch Hummer hire will exceed your expectations. We provide exceptional private Sydney limo hire services, with a range of luxury limousines and Super Stretch Hummers to choose from.

purple hummer limo
Purple Hummer Limo Being a unique Colour and only one of its kind in Sydney. Featuring Trobe lights, Bluetooth to connect your own music, and drinks and bubbles on arrival. This will make you more special arriving at your destination on your special day.

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